Sunday, November 28, 2021

OPEN REGISTRATION: "Fueling Our Future Transporation Needs" technical meeting

Our next free online event on "Fueling Our Future Transportation Needs" is on Dec 13, 6PM-7:30PM. Register now and join us!

Our guest speaker will be William (Bill) Chamberlin. Conventional petroleum-based transportation fuels have undesirable impacts on health, the environment, and geopolitics. Advances in fuels, and power/storage systems may address issues that are concerning without sacrificing mobility expectations. Bill Chamberlin will draw on his 30+ years in R&D and participation in alternative fuel developments to highlight some of the obstacles to progressing these advances to reality. The current desire to move away from the hazards of current fossil fuels will not be a success if it results in exchanging known problems for new ones. Previous efforts to develop alternatives can highlight some of the issues that need to be considered for a successful transition. Some examples of the areas that will be discussed are safety, cost, and resource supply. 

Brief Biography  (William Chamberlin) 
MS, BA Chemistry, Miami U. (Ohio).  Thirty four years R&D at Lubrizol developing lubricants for advanced power plants and alternative fuels; retired (to consultant) 2004.  Fellow Society of Automotive Engineers, 2003 Outstanding Chemist of Year Award (Northeastern Ohio Am. Chem. Soc. Section); 19 publications, 2 book entries, 15 U.S. Patents

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